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"Ear To The Ground" Visit
videoThe popular Irish television show "Ear To The Ground" pays a visit to Harty Oysters. An excellent insight into our business.

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Gortnadiha, Ring, Dungarvan, 
Co.Waterford, Ireland.

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Tel. + 353 58 46120

Fax. + 353 58 46508

Oyster FarmingIn our early years, we were lucky to have the very successful French oyster company, S.A. Tafforet (based in Marennes), as our partner. We soon developed an excellent working relationship with the Tafforet family and benefitted greatly from their expertise and knowledge: it wasn't long before we were producing our own 'Speciale' oysters which we continue to do to this day.

Dungarvan Shellfish Ltd currently produces 700 tonnes plus of top quality oysters each year  - all of which are exported to the French market (with a small proportion going to Italy). We sell 18 month, 30 month and 40 month old Gigas oysters, all of the highest quality.  Great care is taken throughout the cycle of oyster growing, grading and packaging to ensure that we maintain the highest standards possible.

All our oysters are grown here in the nutrient rich waters of Dungarvan Bay on the south east coast of Ireland. Our oysters are washed, graded and packed in our factory which is only 200 meters from the strand.  We have our own private access to the beach which means our tractors travel the least possible distance to and from the oyster beds.  In high season, we can pack and ship up to 30 tonnes of oysters per day - they leave our factory the very same day they come out of the sea and are usually delivered to France and re-laid in French waters in less than 40 hours. We have built up a very good and loyal customer base over the years: some of our clients have been customers for nearly 20 years.

Dungarvan Bay is regarded as an excellent oyster producing area with a very good reputation amongst French oyster farmers.  There are even some French oyster farmers who have relocated to Dungarvan Bay and are successfully producing Irish oysters for the French market alongside our own park.

Dungarvan Shellfish Ltd sells the highest quality Gigas oysters (sized from no 1 to no 5, depending on the time of year and availability) on a wholesale basis.  Dungarvan Bay is classed as 'B' area waters, which means all oysters from the bay must be re-laid in class 'A' waters or purified before sale.

We look forward to discussing your requirements with you.